Alert! Major potential fire danger if you don’t clean your dryer vent hose properly.

Alert! Major potential fire danger if you don’t clean your dryer vent hose properly.

I did not know this, but your little lint trap in the dryer only captures a very small amount of lint from your clothing. Where does the rest go??? Out the vent hose. And boy does it build up. For the sale of a home recently, my clients were requested to have the dryer vent hoses cleaned by a professional. Let me know you… We were shocked! The amount of debris that was inside the hose was INCREDIBLE! The servicer took mounds and clumps and clumps and mounds out of the tube. He then showed us more pictures of others he had done where the vent comes out through the roof and there is a little chimney cap on top and the debris cannot get out. It gets so plugged nothing can escape.

Trying to clean it by yourself by vacuuming it or buying long snakes or sticks with fuzzy dusting brushes and wands will only shove debris further in and tighter together. If you’re vacuuming and you think you have gotten it all, it’s doubtful. What you might not know is there is probably at least one 90 degree bend in that pipe that has a corner or two before it exits your home. Those corners bind up with debris as well and it is nearly impossible to really effectively remove the debris with a simple home vacuum.

If your dryer starts acting like it is overheating… It probably isn’t your dryer. If your dryer acts like it is taking forever to dry your clothes, it is probably not your dryer. Don’t buy a new dryer for $1000.00+ Have your dryer vents cleaned first for only $125.00 and see if that helps first!!!

Having your hoses cleaned every couple years will not only prevent fire hazard but it will improve your dryer’s efficiency. It might also prevent issues. If you have enough debris and matter clogging your hoses, this can cause the hoses to build pressure and come apart. If you have a one-story with attic access and your hoses run through your attic, this might not be a big deal. However, this can also happen between floors in a 2 story home. If your laundry is downstairs and your vent tubes run in the ceiling between your 1st and 2nd floor you migth have to cut sheetrock open to get to the hoses to reattach or repair them. What a pain…

So, I will be having my dryer vent hoses cleaned every couple years during spring cleaning for SAFETY and for EFFICIENCY.
This is not a sales pitch! I am simply sharing with friends and family something I learned that I felt was pretty important.

The person who came out to help my client was phenomenal and again, it only cost $125.00. Give them a call or find your own, but I recommend you make sure that they have proper vacuuming devices and a snake with a spiraling end that will spin around and hit the debris off the edges of the pipe while sucking. Long sticks with brushes on the ends will only compact the material. Household vacuums won’t get it all.

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