Interest Rates are going up? Why?

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Written by: Noel Brownell from Comstock Mortgage (916) 367-7117 – Posted 7/2/13

As many have heard interest rates are going up. However, they are still historically very low. The big question I keep hearing clients asking is why? What is going on in the market that has caused interest rates to increase from our historic lows and where are they going? The answer is simple; interest rates are going up and have been low because they have been artificially driven down by the government, who has been purchasing a massive number of mortgage backed securities, also known as bonds. As the government purchases these bonds the price goes up. As the price of bonds goes up, interest rates inversely go down. The government went on a purchasing spree of bonds in the hopes of stimulating the economy and it appears to have helped. As the economy improves, talk has increased among financial markets of the government slowing down on its stimulation and purchasing of bonds. Consequently, investors have started selling off bonds, driving down the price. As the price of bonds decrease interest rates increase. If you want to know what interest rates are going to do, take a look at what the 10 year T-note is doing. Interest rates will usually do the opposite. Be careful not to confuse the 10 year T-note with the 10 yr yield on bonds because the yield will have a direct relationship with rates and not an inverse relationship. I have included a very nice graphic representation of what interest rates have done over the last 40 years. Take a look, a deep breath and get your offers out there because interest rates can be expected to increase.
Mortgage Rate Chart
Written By: Noel Brownell

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